Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brioche. . .

In a rare foray into baking, I made brioche Saturday. Partly because I wanted to see if I could, partly because it freezes well, and partly because Thomas Keller insists it is the ideal foundation for a superior grilled cheese sandwich.

This is some serious work though. Friday night I had to work in the eggs and butter into the flour until the perfect silky consistency:

Then it has to rise for three hours. Then you have to knead it down and kill all the air bubbles - and refrigerate overnight.

Saturday morning I let it rise in a loaf pan (and as a few rolls). Another three hours.

In it went at 35o for about 40 minutes (20 for the rolls). The result:

This is seriously good stuff. The wife and the Peanut agreed - it has the shape and feel of a light bread, but the delicacy of a croissant. 2/3 of the loaf went in the freezer, along with all but 3 of the rolls (shown below).

I kept three. Two for Saturday night's burgers, one for surprising the wife Sunday morning with eggs benedict.

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